Coronavirus: current information on concerts and audience capacity

28. srpen 2020

Dear PRSO patrons, we greatly appreciate your interest in our concerts and want to treat you to enjoyable musical experiences even in the 2020–2021 season.

Feeling lost in the current restrictions in the field of culture associated with the COVID-19 pandemic? No need, that's what we're here for. Follow our website and this article, we will be updating the information.
At the same time we respect all the government's safety regulations. You can find information about concerts in this article, which we will be regularly updating. Music brings an uplifting feeling to both you and us and we look forward to seeing you.

How many listeners can be in one hall together, and how will this affect PRSO concerts?

There can be a maximum of 500 listeners in one organisationally separated auditorium sector.

This limitation does not affect concerts in the Convent of Saint Agnes and the DOX+ hall.

The Rudolfinum hall will be divided into three organisationally divided sectors with a maximum potential capacity of 500 persons. Two of these sectors will be set aside for listeners (the ground floor and the balcony), and one for the orchestra.

  • When going to your sector please always take the shortest route possible, and then remain in this sector for the entire duration of the concert without leaving it.
  • there will be a separate entrance to the balcony sector on 17. listopadu street (the so-called Carriage Entrance) and you should take the right-hand stairway to the first floor, where you may use the cloakrooms, the toilets and the refreshments kiosk.
  • you may reach the ground-floor sector as usual, via the main entrance from J. Palacha square.
  • the wheelchair lift from the underground parking and the box office may be used only by visitors in the ground-floor sector.

We are currently working on how to divide the Forum Karlín hall into sectors.

Your safety is important to us.

Will I be sitting in the seat designated on my ticket?

If you have tickets for the Convent of Saint Agnes or DOX+, the seat number on your ticket is the one you will be sitting in. If the distancing situation with respect to listeners in a hall changes and it becomes necessary for us to seat guests individually, we will advise you here, in this section. However, at this time we guarantee the seat which you selected and purchased.

If you have a Rudolfinum season ticket, your seat is guaranteed. In the case of individual tickets, due to limited space we may be forced to offer you a different seat in the same price category.

If you have a ticket for Forum Karlín, we are currently negotiating division of the hall into sectors. Please be patient. Precise information will soon be made available on our website.

Do I have to bring a face mask to the concert?
What happens if I forget to bring a face mask?
We cannot let you into the auditorium without a mask in order to protect the health of the audience, orchestra members, staff and the whole organisational team. If you forget a mask, stop by the programme table, we can surely work something out.

Is there mandated spacing between audience members?
There is not.

Will disinfectant be available at the concert venue?
Yes – always at the building entrance and at the table selling programmes.

I don't feel healthy.
We ask all visitors to be considerate and conscientious. If you don't feel well, consider staying home so you don't endanger the health of others around you.

Are you preparing any changes to the programme?
For security reasons, the program of the opening concert on September 25 will be changed. The alternative date of the „Solo for Viola and Piano concert“ will take place on November 16, 2020 in St. Agnes Convent.

What will happen to tickets if you have to cancel a concert or restrict the number of attendees?
If we have to cancel a concert or unexpectedly reduce its capacity, we guarantee your full money back or, if you are interested, a replacement ticket in the same category.

I have some more questions, who can I contact?
Contact us at

We are looking forward to seeing you at our concerts and wish you good health.

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