Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra in your home

Members of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra have joined the ranks of those helping ensure that culture is not entirely forgotten during the coronavirus pandemic. To this end, they encourage you to take the opportunity to hear selected works from their recent concerts.

On Monday 30 March the PRSO is launching regular broadcasts on its Facebook page.
At 8 pm every Monday and Friday you will be able to enjoy an exclusive selection of music in the form of video recordings of PRSO concerts.

We hope and trust that the „PRSO in your home“ project will be welcomed both by season ticket holders, regular guests and fans of the orchestra, and by other classical music lovers who do not intend to abandon music even during these difficult times. And why should they, when this is an ideal time to indulge such noble passions!

You can enjoy PRSO concerts from the comfort of your home from Monday 30 March.