PRSO Presents: Radůza and the Fate of Anita Garibaldi

3. December 2018
SOČR uvádí: Radůza a osud Anity Garibaldi

Forum Karlín, 3 December 2018 at 7:30 p.m.


Jan Kučera - conductor
Radůza and her band

This new work, specially commissioned by PRSO, provides a non-traditional treatment of the extraordinary – and in the Czech Republic little known – fate of Anita Garibaldi, who is a very popular heroine in Latin America and Italy. It was in honour of her that her husband Giuseppe Garibaldi and his brothers-in-arms later began to wear their infamous red shirts.

The author follows Anita's journey from her native Brazil all the way to Italy, where she and her husband join the movement of the Italian Risorgimenta and along with them endeavour to unite Italy. For this story Radůza has chosen a musical treatment that is closest to a melodrama. We can look forward to her songs, which are performed alone and accompanied by the orchestra, as well as purely orchestral parts, spoken word and even ballet.

Ticket prices: CZK 690 / 590 / 490 / 390