Radůza releases album Kupředu plout, which she recorded as part of a successful concert with the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra

26. říjen 2020

Kupředu plout (Floating Forward) is a work written by Radůza and specifically commissioned by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, which she recorded at a joint concert of the popular songwriter, her backup band and the PRSO under the direction of Jan Kučera on 3 December 2018 at Forum Karlín in Prague and will be released on CD and in digital formats by Supraphon on 30 October 2020.

This non-traditional form of an exceptional musical project tells the story of Anita Garibaldi, who is a very popular heroine in Latin American and Italy. The whole story follows Anita’s journey from her native Brazil all the way to Italy, where she and her husband joined the Italian Risorgimenta movement and their efforts to unify Italy.

Heroine of two worlds

“In the tale of this exceptional woman, who is known as the Heroine of two worlds in Italy and Latin America, I focused on her relationship with Garabaldi told through the eyes of a young man who has barely come of age and who loves her platonically. I delve more into the relationship of two people on the background of historical events rather than the political situation of Italy. Her relationship with Garabaldi is also the subject of the legends that circulate about Anita and I think that they are worth telling to the Czech public. I am also interested in thinking about how ordinary and exceptional people lived in exceptional times.”

SOČR a Radůza

Radůza chose a musical style closest to melodrama for this story. Thus, the concert recording includes her original and previously unreleased songs, some heard as solos, others with her band, comprised of guitarist Josef Štěpánek and percussionist Miloš Dvořáček, and also accompanied by the symphony orchestra. The voice of Miloš Stránský leads the listener through the entire work of music.

Radůza singularly succeeded to combine music, spoken word and, above all, the selection of a strong story about true love. The listeners don’t even get a moment to catch their breath. I tautly followed every tact of her songs, or the word of Miloš Stránský, which resonated deep inside.
Jakub Čížek, the Director of PRSO

“It was not my first experience with an orchestra. This project was exceptional because I wrote a feature programme especially for the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. The conductor was my classmate from the Conservatory, Jan Kučera, and there were also a lot of my classmates in the orchestra, so they were very nice to me and I felt relaxed, which can be felt in the final result,” Radůza added with a smile with regard to the newly-released album, which is tellingly entitled Kupředu plout (Floating Forward) and will be released on Friday, 30 October 2020 both on CD and in all digital formats.

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